so i don’t really make new years resolutions much since i started college (i think last years’ was something along the lines of, “stop stressing so much that you have panic attacks because those make school even harder.” which didn’t even work, ‘cause i had a panic attack during finals week last spring, LOLZ).

but i’ve been thinking that this year i need to start shaking off my annoyance with people who aren’t worth my time. there are a lot of people on the periphery of my life who do things that annoy me & i expend wayyy too much energy just being annoyed at them (like rants on tumblr hidden behind a Read More, haha).

i take too great an interest in what other people are doing & if it lines up with my idea of what they SHOULD be doing or thinking. a lot of times i end up getting worked up over kinda dumb shit. shit i shouldn’t care about. 

i just overreact. our generation worships impulsiveness, like impulsive people live these amazing carefree lives because they just make snap decisions. in reality, most people who suffer from impulsive tendencies (hello, ADHD) just tend to be broke, rash & overreact WAY out of proportion. i would know.

i spend a lot of time thinking about why i believe what i believe. as an ENFP, my moral code is my BFF, so when i see people do things i disagree with, i tend to take it personally, i guess? which is just a lose/lose because people will always be shitty at some point & it doesn’t mean they’re shitty all the time, & if they are don’t waste your time anyway.

it’s a dumb, weird thing i’ve developed & i don’t like it. don’t get me wrong, i’ll always be a person with strong edges. strong opinions. i don’t ever want to be a shrinking violet. that just isn’t me. 

but i think, this year, i’m going to focus on other people a lot less & start thinking a lot more about self-improvement, meditation & expanding my mind. (cue “i’m starting with the man in the mirror”)

i’d just like to complain less, think more before i speak, worry less about what others are doing & do something positive for the world around me. 

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